5 Interesting Blockchain Organizations

The first blockchain block, the Genesis Block, was created in January 2009, over a decade ago. Its original purpose was supporting the innovative Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Crypto became a sort of investment and cryptocurrency portfolio management tools emerged to assist crypto investors.

Yet, nowadays, new projects and solutions are finding ways to integrate Blockchain into all kinds of industries from insurance to healthcare.

The speed of adoption for this new technology is very fast and with mass adoption, new blockchain projects emerge. Here are 6 of them that you should keep a close eye on!

1.  Cambridge Block chain Forum

The Cambridge Block chain Hub and Cambridge Block chain forum were created last year and are organizations that help developing companies to grow and perform research on blockchain policy.

The organization cooperates with corporations such as Swisscom Block chain, TodaQ and Coinfirm. Their main aim is to gain new partners that will support the task of bringing the Cambridge academia and stakeholders together to promote entrepreneurship.

The Cambridge Block chain Forum is striving to determine and tackle issues concerning regulations in the United Kingdom. They are also attempting to find applications for the blockchain technology in various fields.

2.  Block chain Research Institute

The Block chain Research Institute (BRI) was founded in 2017 by Alex and Don Tapscott. The organization is a system of blockchain experts that cooperate to resolve issues in the field. The BRI collaborates with various jurisdictions, companies and famous people involved in blockchain.

Currently, the BRI is working on 100 projects involving the blockchain network. Most of these prioritize specific industries such as government, finance, media, technology and more.

3.  Cleveland Block chain and Digital Futures Hub

This organization is Ohio-based and was established in 2018. The Cleveland Block chain and Digital Futures Hub was created by Cleveland State University and Case Western.

Even though the organization does not conduct research only on blockchain, their projects engage principle areas such as IoT, augmented reality and ways to utilize the blockchain network.

4.  Slovenian Block chain Think Tank

In Slovenia, the blockchain network was accepted relatively quickly and they began looking for ways to implement it. In 2017, Miro Cerar, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, spoke about the potential implementations of the blockchain network during his talk. Consequently, the Slovenian Digital Coalition developed the Block chain Think Tank. The aim of this project was to study crypto-asset regulations and educate people on this innovation.

The government of the country is boosting its economy steadily after the crisis in 2009. Blockchain is among the technologies that will help the improvement of Slovenia.

5.  Think Block Tank

ThinkBLOCKTank is an organization created in 2018 in Luxemburg with an aim to respond to the increasing role of Block chain in the European Union. It was created by Letzblock to tackle issues concerning crypto regulation and the distributed system of Block chain. Check www.smartbitcoininvestments.com/paxful-review

The organization has employees from over fifteen countries researching blockchain. Their first published paper was about cryptocurrency regulations in the Europen Union. Over 50 experts from 20 countries contributed to this paper.

Blockchain organizations are expanding around the world. Yet, crypto trading remains among the most profitable aspects of cryptocurrency. To become a successful crypto investor you need to learn to manage your funds with a crypto tracker. If you want to know how to do this effectively check out the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker guide.

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