5 sources of income from Block Option version 2.0 – The Explosion of Binary Option Market

Explosive, the only suitable adjective to describe the 2.0 version of Block Option. Because this version will bring to all traders a lot of great experiences as well as a huge income.

  1. Block Option version 2.0 – The Explosion of Binary Option Market

As a Binary Options exchange that has only been being operated for 3 years but Block Option has created a lot of attractions for traders. Currently, the total number of participants in this exchange is over 20,000 traders. Among them, there are about 1000+ traders active regularly every day.

These numbers will increase continuously in the upcoming 2.0 version. Because in this version, traders will have a chance to gain huge profits from 5 different incomes.

  1. Overview of Block Option

What is Block Option?

Before exploring the fascinating features in version 2.0, let’s throwback to find out what Block Option is! This is an exchange that was operated and launched 3 years ago on the Binary Options market.

Regarding the mechanism of operation, traders earn money based on the prediction that the asset value will increase or decrease in the future (60 seconds in particular). Based on that prediction, investors will decide to sell or buy assets to make a profit from the spreads. In terms of platform, Block Option works on the ERC20 platform and Blockchain technology as well as combines with Smart Contract.

Advantages of Block Option

Although only 3 years of appearing in the Binary Options market, but Block Option is very confident to challenge “big guys” like IQ Option, Binary.com, Binomo … Actually, at the present, this exchange also has more than 10000 traders per day. The attraction of Block Option can be explained as follows:

  • Working on Blockchain Technology: All transaction history is public transparently.
  • Fast and easy deposit/ withdrawal that is performed automatically via Smart Contracts
  • Supporting trading with lots of cryptocurrencies such as BTC; ETH, USDT, VNDC
  • Transaction fees are very low at only 5%. Accordingly, a trader will earn 95% profit on each winning trade
  • Accurate and transparent database which is updated from Tradingview’s data source
  • Good customer service: an experienced and knowledgeable staff as well as enthusiastic support
  • Formal training from basic to advanced for new traders

  1. The outstanding features in Block Option version 2.0

As mentioned above, Block Option version 2.0 will create an explosion not only for traders but also for the Binary Options market. Especially, the upcoming version will update with 7 outstanding features, including:

Follow Expert:

Traders can copy trading from an experienced expert with a high win rate. Especially, you can copy trading from many experts at the same time. This feature can help traders gain more experiences and knowledge as well as significantly increase their income.

Lucky Draw:

$ 1 million, which is the most valuable prize traders can get when participating in Weekly Lucky Draw. Besides, Lucky Draw also has many other awards. Specifically, the 10 luckiest traders will be rewarded with 10 attractive prizes every week.


A contest for traders to show off their abilities as well as winning valuable rewards. This is a great opportunity for you to confirm your reputation and to learn more knowledge and experiences from other traders.

Robot: An automated trading tool with some outstanding advantages such as automatic take profit – cut loss; automatically trade when shutdown, and especially help traders manage time and emotion.

Exchange Wallet:

Traders can exchange crypto assets directly on Block Option. Accordingly, with the Exchange Wallet, you can have an extra safe, secure, and reputable place to store your crypto assets.

Affiliate Program:

An extremely attractive passive income always waits for you via the Affiliate Program. Specifically, for each successful referral to trade on Block Option, the referrer will receive

Price Option:

A new mode will appear in version 2.0 is Price Option. Unlike Candle Option, this mode will have a trading timeframe that ranges from 2-30 minutes. With one more regime, the income of traders also has more opportunities to be increased.

Besides the above features, certainly, Block Option version 2.0 still contains many other interesting functions. The official launch date of this version is not far away. For further information about Block Option version 2.0, you can refer to https://blockoption.io/

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