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The marginally colder climes of Bandung (3-5° less than lesser elevations) are bringing expatriates for decades. Bandung is the fourth biggest city in the nation with a population of about 1.7 million.

Expat Community in Bandung

The expat community resides throughout Bandung; however, 90% of these live in North Bandung where the air is fresher and the traffic more realistic. In Dago Atas, there is a teachers’ community. Also, expatriates with higher incomes tend to live in Setra Sari, Setia Budhi, with some in the Buat Batu and Kopo areas.


For purchasing, Pasar Baru at Pasir Kaliki is advised. There, you can bargain for clothing. Pasar Baru is going to be feverish after lunchtime. Not just clothes and clothes are available, but also a food court, jewellery stores, and tote counters. Another shopping locale is Kings; it sells clothing, bags. For shopping malls, PVJ is more straightforward than Istana Plaza at Pasir Kaliki. PVJ is currently in Sukajadi, a tiny bit further than Istana Plaza. There is a Carrefour, Sogo Department Store, Gramedia bookstore, The Body Shop, Crocs Store, J.Co, Gelato, Auntie Anne’s Pretzel, Taiwanese Restaurant, Duta Suara Musik, Lemonade Cafe in the rear side, Blitz Theatre, along with Papaya Mart (sells imported products from Japan, Korea, European and American).

Restaurants in Bandung

An assortment of fine culinary experiences

Thousands of people from Jakarta travel to Bandung every weekend to stop by the numerous factory outlets and dine outside at hotels, hotels and open-air restaurants.

Kampung Daun

This cultural and traditional centre comprises heaps of saung (traditional huts) catering to small groups or larger parties. The entire complex sits amongst a range of native ferns and other exotic tropical plants, situated in a remote canyon where the water races over red stone — this native garden atmosphere is a treat for the eyes.


Suppose you are travelling through Lembang on the way to the volcano or hot springs at Ciater. In that case, there’s a Chinese restaurant situated just up from the small fruit market around the left-hand side of this road. Located on a sharp right-hand turn in the middle of town, the Mandarin is an unassuming small rumah makan, operated by the same married couple for almost 30 years. In all that time it’s offered some of the very best food in the Bandung area.

Burgundy Restaurant

Not too far from Lembang on the road to Marabaya, it is an absolute contrast to the Mandarin. Among many foods, offerings are your tempura — a yummy mix of prawns and local vegetables in a light batter, or you can pick from many different western dishes, washed down with a glass of fine wine.

Congo Restaurant & Wood Gallery

This is a favourite evening & nightspot for people who want to enjoy the mountain atmosphere and indulge in a very fantastic range of food.

Mountain View Golf Club

As mentioned earlier, Dago has several wonderful restaurants and coffee houses. Still, not many offer better food than the Mountain View Golf Club. Visitors are incredibly welcome, and meals have significantly improved since the debut of a new Italian chef.

Cafe OZ

It’s a perfect place to eat if you want a good restaurant with an Australian style. Since you would expect it’s premium roasted coffee, wonderful beef pies, gourmet pizzas, burgers, steaks and other western food, but also offers Greek favourites.

Bamboo Shack

Apart from a great selection of food at the mini-market, also eat in or takeaway (indicate you taste the Jerry Burger), upstairs is an internet cafe and lounge with tourism information which could help out with providing valuable particulars and directions to many of the lovely attractions around Bandung.

Eateries in Mall and Hotel

Bandung Mall Eateries

For good coffee you can attempt Excelso that’s in the Bandung Istana Plaza along with the Bandung Super Mall. And for tasty and fast Chinese style food there is The Rice Bowl that is in Bandung Istana Plaza, the Bandung Super Mall as well as the Bandung Indah Plaza. The Bandung Paris Van Java Mall Needs a Great Deal of footwork.

Hotel Dining

The Luxton Hotel Is Situated within walking distance in Bandung Indah Plaza. The Luxton includes an Amazing Lunchtime Buffet Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday from 1200 to 1500 (3 pm).

The Bandung Hyatt – The primary dining room of this Bandung Hyatt serves a western-style buffet every Wednesday and Thursday evening that starts from 6 pm.

The Bandung Hilton – Just as food is concerned the Bandung Hilton is the ultimate of hotel buffets perhaps in all of Indonesia! Every single night from 6 pm there is a massive spread.


City public transportation is not hard to get about with. Angkot public transport costs are incredibly fair. If you would rather travel by taxi, use BlueTooth by telephone (022-756-1234). It will come to your area 5 minutes ahead of your time but expect delays during rush hour.

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