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I’ve tried lots of different ways to manage my finances, but nothing worked until recently. I called 866-262-5061 and finally found effective help for managing by overwhelming debt. Unfortunately, I got off to a bad start because a had over $100,000 in student loan debt and didn’t land a good job right after graduation. In order to make the minimum required payments, I lived on credit cards, and those debts came home to roost as well.

My field is engineering, and I’m good with technical problems, but I grew up in a poor family that never knew much about finance. I didn’t realize how easily anyone could get deeply into debt—even those with high-paying jobs. I eventually landed a better job in the field, but by then I needed a new car. I met my soul-mate and decided to buy a home.

The interest fees on my combined debt proved to be astronomical, and I had no idea how expensive marriage was. I’m now expecting my first child, and I needed to deal with my debt to provide a happy future for my family.

After calling 866-262-5061, I could tell the difference right away. The counselor was completely professional, knowledgeable and empathetic to my problems. She understood how I had become trapped in debt and reassured me that my circumstances were common and that I was not alone. She recommended that I prepare a family budget, and I started by listing all my debts, expenses, family income and resources.

I was able to create a family budget that covered all my bills and expenses and allowed me to put a little aside for an emergency expense fund. A 2017 Federal Reserve Report found that almost 50% of families can’t afford to cover a $400 emergency expense. I never wanted to be in that situation again, so I followed her suggestion of saving money in an emergency fund.

I’m now confident about my finances, but I know that my situation can change quickly. Whatever happens, I’ll try to deal proactively with any new financial demands by adjusting the budget, cutting down on expenses and seeking outside help if necessary. I’m so glad I called 866-262-5061 to get the help I desperately needed. Now I can move on with life without stressing over finances all the time.


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