Earn by Selling Your Silver Jewelry

When your silver is of no use for you, and you’re going through a bad phase, you have the thing going on in your mind: “Should I sell my silver?” And when you plan to sell your silver jewelry, the first thing you would need to consider is to think about its state. Luckily, if you need to, you may clean gold and silver jewelry at home pretty easily, and it wouldn’t have to be too troublesome to send your jewelry to be either purchased or valued. We will direct you through preparing jewelry for sale in this post, from the perfect format for pictures of jewelry to shipment!

Get Your Silver Jewelry Cleaned

Silver might become tarnished by time. A rough, almost black coating that coats silver jewelry is meant by tarnish. It appears when silver interacts with airborne sulfur compounds that occur naturally. It’s termed oxidation also. Silver is easily marred by oxidation, and by time, it becomes of no worth but just a piece of scrap metal.

It’s reasonable to think that it is essential to clean silver jewelry before you sell silver, but that’s not always the situation. It may be ruined by cleaning your silver jewelry, eventually reducing its worth. A dealer would probably want to clean the jewelry themselves to prevent possible damage. Thus, that’s the best, to get your silver cleaned by the dealer and let no doubts remain for both parties!

Things are a little different when you sell silver jewelry privately. In this situation, you must clean it first, as this helps any flaws to be seen by the potential buyer. Remember to take comprehensive photographs of the hallmarks when you are displaying your silver jewelry online.

Use plain, hot soapy water and also a very microfiber towel to clean it if the silver jewelry is somewhat tarnished. Be cautious not to grab them with a cloth when there are embellishments upon the jewelry.

Well, How to Take Jewelry Pictures to Sell Online?

  • When presenting it for sale online, the following suggestions on how to take photographs of jewelry at home will help you give your elegant jewelry justice!
  • A tablecloth or simple towel is a wise option. Capture silver jewelry with a black or white background.
  • Attempt to take pictures of jewelry in natural light because the color of your jewelry in the photo can be blurred by artificial lights.
  • Please ensure you do a lot of close-ups of any marks, anything odd or damaged. That way, the seller knows what they would be buying, and hence it will minimize any action required on your side.
  • On a weighing scale, take a photo of your silver jewelry, ideally digital and with a reading sensitivity of 0.1 g if feasible. This reflects the weight of the item to your future purchasers.
  • Next to a scale or tape measure, take an image of your silver jewelry. This demonstrates how big the item is to the check cashing store.

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