Questions you need to ask before hiring a customs broker

Do you want to hire a customs broker? Are you in the import and export business? If so, you are surely victim to customs clearance delays. It is necessary that you look for opportunities to avoid these delays. A professional broker can be of great help for avoiding these inconveniences. 

Before hiring a customs broker for your job, you will need to ensure that you do enough research for it. A lot goes into the paperwork and data collection of the process. The documents related to the port of origin and destination are a must-have in the process. A lot of data needs to be submitted in the customs house. 

You may need to get in touch with a customs broker for different activities. A licensed customs broker can eventually help you in the long run. But, before you hire them, you will need to ask yourself a set of basic questions. 

  • Experience

The first thing to ask a customs broker is their experience. Every import and export business may have different requirements depending on the product they are shipping. Hence, it is always advisable to ask how long they have been in business and what kinds of clients they have catered. Their experience would play an important role in determining if they are the right choice for you or not. 

  • Their past reviews

Always make sure to check for the past reviews of the customs broker. The customs broker should act as a single link between you and the brokerage industry. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary to find a mode of communication. A customs broker should provide you constant information about their services and update on your products. 

  • Do they have a license?

Customs brokerage is a very sensitive field that requires professionals to have a license. Would you work with someone who doesn’t have a license? Every customs broker should be a licensed one. Anyone who doesn’t have the license and claims to provide the best service is probably cheating on you. 

The Amazon customs brokers have come a long way and hence, they can ensure to serve you effectively. If you are dealing with particular products, make sure to check it effectively. 

You can always look out for references to find the perfect customs broker around you. Always make sure to work with someone who has a professional background and can serve you with the customs clearance. A licensed professional is always better than others. 

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About the Author: Paul Petersen