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9 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Buying Property In 2019

Real estate investment is more popular than ever. It is safer today than life insurance or the stock market, provided you know the rules that govern a good business. Defining your investor profile, preparing your project or choosing your tax package is all points to master. Follow our guide to investing while avoiding the mistakes that await.

There is no shortage of real estate, whether you want to invest in new or old. However, the choice is not a matter of taste, but of patrimonial and financial objectives. In other words, before embarking on the adventure, any wise investor must think about the why of his purchase and what he expects from it in view of his personal situation. There are objectives which may vary in view of his age, assets, income.

First-time investors

Making a good real estate investment inevitably requires a careful choice of its location. Popularity of the city, the neighborhood, the direct environment, transport, shops and amenities all these elements define the rental value of the property and its potential for added value on resale.


Real estate investment: what is a good location?

The perfect location to invest will be in the city, the neighborhood, the street where everyone wants to live. It iseither a location where one is sure to make profitable his acquisition by renting it without difficulty and at the best price because a well-placed home is more easily rented and resold, even if it has some flaws.

Note: prefer to invest in a place that you know. This will give you a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the location.

Real estate investment: the importance of a well-connected location

In the city, proximity, the number and frequency of public transport are essential for tenants. Your property must therefore be well served.

Ask yourself:

If it is easy to get to the center

If there is transport near the property

If it is easy to park there

Note: think “added value”. A property installed near a future tram or metro line will sell for more.

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Real estate investment: the importance of shops and amenities

The rental potential of a property is also measured by its accessibility to shops and other amenities. Ask yourself if the amenities near the home are likely to make life easier for your tenants.

Here you must take care to select the accommodation according to the needs of the target type of tenant:

  • Families: schools, nurseries
  • Student: IUT, Universities
  • Young bachelor: gym Etc.

Real estate investment: the importance of the direct environment of the property

We advise you to visit the district of your future investment in order to make sure that no disruptive element can devalue it (nightclub, bus station, airport, wastewater treatment plant, etc.)

You will thus be able to realize:

  • Ambient noise
  • Traffic in the neighborhood Etc.

Note: the environment may vary depending on the hour. Do not hesitate to multiply the visits at different times of the day (and night).

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