What is the cost of travel medical insurance in the US?

Various travel medical insurance policies start as low as USD a day. However, travel medical insurance costs vary on the basis of the level of the coverage, destination, age, and the length of the trip. A coverage comprising of a week may cost less than 5 USD to more than 100 USD. These variables are caused due to reasons like your choice of lower coverage, or a higher deductible, or you are younger, or you are travelling outside the US, or for the reason of your shorter trip in the cases of lower costs. When it comes to the existing costs of travel medical insurance costs, a full week out of the state travel medical insurance by the Atlas International Policy starts at 44 cents a day and 3.08 USD per week. The maximum premium is about 12.65 USD a day and 88.55 USD per week. Contact Insurance Unicorn expat health insurancefor the most affordable travel medical health insurance for your out of the state travel.

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For the non-US citizens coming to the US, the Atlas American Policy starts at 77 cents a day and 5.39 USD one full week. Similarly, the maximum premium policy within the US starts at 14.97 USD per day and 104.79 USD per week.

The travel medical insurance policies are charged on a standard daily cost per person per day based on the age, the deductible you choose, the maximum coverage you prefer, and if your travel includes the US.

Your age including the age of any other person in your policy determines which age group, you are. As per the age group the cost is calculated on a daily basis. If your age increases, the cost per day increases. The deductible is the predetermined amount of expenses you must pay prior to your medical plan. If you increase the deductible your daily cost will decrease. The maximum coverage limit is the maximum amount of your policy. If you increase the maximum coverage limit, the daily cost will also increase. Finally, whether you travel include the US is applicable for the non-US citizens.

The daily cost per person is multiplied by the number of days to calculate the total cost per person. However, the daily cost varies from plan to plan. As daily rate is determined per individual person per day, sorter policies and trips with less numbers of people cost fewer. On the other hand, longer policies with long trips with more persons increase the cost.

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